July's Recommendations


Oh boy, what a Summer! As the scorcher continues we want to make sure your thirst is quenched with the best possible nectars.
There are bottles for all of this month’s occasions: those endless afternoons in the park, the family barbecue, that glass you just need after another long day at the office. We have you covered!


Hambledon Première Cuvée Brut - 95pts

Hampshire, England, Sparkling White (Cork), 12.0% abv
A summer wine list would not be complete without a good sparkling. Make it an English one and you’re in for a treat. This cuvée from Hambledon achieved 100% in The Wine Society’s 2018 Wine Champions competition beating prominent (Champagne) heavy weights. Toasty, broad and with a gentle elegant texture. It has a long finish making it as much the perfect companion for food as a fine refreshment on its own.
£38.00 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Dry White

Revancha La Primera Revancha Chenin Blanc 2017 - 95pts

Agrelo, Mendoza, Argentina, Dry White (DIAM cork), 13.5% abv
If Chenin Blanc is a grape you love this wine will be a delightful discovery.Producer Roberto de La Mota found a plot planted in the 1940’s at Agrelo sitting at 1000m altitude. These old vines are the parents of this La Primera Revancha. It has the concentration and elegance you might expect from the fruit of plants that have weathered many storms and whose roots run deep.
Gentle peach, nectarine and pink grapefruit aromas. Length, structure and a long finish. Full mouthfeel and broad mid-palate.
£12.50 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Gérard Bertrand Prima Nature Chardonnay 2017 - 93pts

IGP Pays d'Oc, Languedoc, France, Dry White (Agglomerated cork), 12.5% abv
A very elegant and delicate Chardonnay vinified with minimum additives and sulphur. 
Subtle floral aromas of chamomile, apple blossom and fresh citrus - lemon, lime zest, white grapefruit. 
A Chardonnay that expresses its terroir, pulsing with the sharpness of the Mediterranean breeze. 
Serve very chilled as an aperitif with a good backbone, or a bit on the warmer side for a structured companion to food.
£12.99 at Hallgarten & Novum - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

  Wine of the Month

Wine of the Month

Gérard Bertrand Domaine de Cigalus White 2017 - 93pts

IGP Aude Hauterive, Languedoc, France, Dry White (Cork), 14.0% abv
The vineyards that supply the fruit for this wine sit at 600m altitude and a mere 200m away from the sea. 
No wonder, therefore, that it shines with fresh salinity making it a pleasure to drink on summer afternoons: either on it’s own (while visualising oneself by the Mediterranean) or as a partner to salads and sea food. 
The structure of the Chardonnay is perfectly married with Sauvignon’s herbal depth and Viognier’s intensity. 
Aromas of bruised apples, pineapple, cooked peaches along with marzipan and toasted brioche. Very pleasant, long and broad mouthfeel.
£26.00 at Hallgarten & Novum - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Capricho Godello 2017 - 90 pts

Bierzo, Spain, Dry White (Cork), 13.5% abv
The Galician noble grape - Godello - in an elegant expression from Bierzo.
Fresh and precise with a certain Burgundian character, product of careful work on the lees.
Bright, lemony and with a broad nutty texture.
£12.95 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Value choice of the Month

Three Choirs Silver Jubilee 2017 - 89 pts

Gloucestershire, England, Dry White (Screwcap), 11.0% abv
This wine is a proof that England is steadily developing both it’s quality and its value.
To celebrate the 25th year working with The Wine Society, Three Choirs released this special blend that will make both you and your budget extremely happy.
Extremely fresh with delicate floral and tropical aromas. Light and bright, this wine makes for the ideal aperitif and companion for asian and seafood dishes.
£8.50 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

  Wine of the Month

Wine of the Month

Ota Ševčík Neuburger 2016 - 95 pts

Boretice, Moravia, Czech Republic, White (Cork), 12.0% abv
Undoubtedly a summer favourite here at the office.  The labour of love of a winemaker that works just 2ha of vineyard and has invested in local grape varieties such as Neuburger - much in decline still today. Grapes were hand harvested and the wine fermented with indigenous yeasts without added S02. It then aged for 6-8 months on the lees in acacia barrels. All this explains this wine’s roundness and elegance.  Rich aromas of caramel, honey and marzipan are balanced by a lean structure and vertical precision.
£23.60 at Basket Press Wines - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)


Stapleton & Springer Orange 2017 - - 95 pts

Boretice, Moravia, Czech Republic, Orange (Cork), 13.0% abv
Don’t let the name deceive you: this ‘Orange’ is actually a Blanc-de-Noirs, made with the quasi non-macerated juice of Pinot Noir and Blaufrankisch grapes. 
Extended time on the lees allowed it to develop a very fine texture that lingers in your mouth long after you’ve swallowed it.  
Mineral, smoky with a struck match zing. Vibrant acidity and an intriguing hint of enduring tannic structure. 
A wine to challenge your palate as well as your mind.
£20.90 at Basket Press Wines - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Dva duby Divide 2015 - 91pts

Dolni Kounice, Moravia, Czech Republic, Orange (Cork), 12.0% abv
An elegant blend of Grüner Veltliner, Müller-Thurgau and Rotgipfler. 
One and a half days of skin maceration develop a seductive balance between texture and aromatics, softened by a few months in Austrian oak. 
Expect peach, orange peel, grapefruit and candied ginger aromas. The perfect companion for salads and mezze.
£12.90 at Basket Press Wines - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Off-Dry White

Mac Forbes RS19 2017 - 94 pts

Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria, Australia, Off-dry White (Screwcap), 10.5% abv
For those who fell in love with this wine in 2016 this newly released vintage will possibly disappoint.
Those who didn’t quite go for last year’s ripeness however will fall in love with the precision and verticality of Mac Forbe’s RS19 2017.
Very elegant citrus fruit and razor-sharp minerality softened by the subtle  - and amazingly integrated - 19 gr of residual sugar.
£17.00 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Dry Red

Domaine Marc Delienne Abbaye Road 2015 - 94pts

Fleurie, Beaujolais, France, Dry Red (Cork), 12.0% abv
Yes indeed, there’s a witty play with words in this wine’s name.
And this wine is as juicy and fresh as a good song. With an amazing acidity and fruit characters, it is earthy without loosing elegance.
The fact that it is not clarified contributes to the multilayered texture.
Serve chilled and make it your perfect barbecue companion.
£28.00 at Raeburn Fine Wines - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

 Wine of the Month

Wine of the Month

Celler Pardas Sus Scrofa 2017 - 93 pts

Penedès, Spain, Dry Red (Cork), 12.0% abv
Look no further for the perfect barbecue companion. This is the wine to serve slightly chilled while the coal is stirred. It will also make for a good topic of conversation. Celler Pardas works organically and has played an important part in the current movement of revival of the once maligned Catalunyan variety Sumoll. This wine is fermented and aged in cement tanks only with wild yeasts. Extremely fresh, vibrant red fruit aromas and a hint of spiciness. It has a bright acidity so will pair exquisitely with grilled meat and vegetables.£10.95 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)


Julien Sunier Fleurie 2016 - 92 pts

Fleurie, Beaujolais, France, Dry Red (Cork), 13.0% abv
A most elegant expression of Fleurie’s terroir.
The nectar of the fruit from the biodynamic certified vines at the “Niagara’ lieu-dit.
This sits at 470 m altitude with south and south-west exposure: a perfect combination for fresh ripeness.
The precision of the Granite soil comes through in the lean tannic texture and vertical structure. Complex palate with multiple layers of red to black fruit.
£23.00 at Roberson - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Maycas Pinot Noir Reserva Especial 2016 - 91 pts

Limarí, Chile, Dry Red (Cork), 14.0% abv
Yet another great vintage of this intense Chilean Pinot Noir.
It particularly stands out in a vintage when the cool climate affected the quality and depth of most other wines in coastal Chile.
Maycas’ however shines with elegant concentration, precise minerality and intense freshness.
£13.95 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Bernard Métrat La Roilette 2016 - 90 pts

Fleurie, Beaujolais, France, Dry Red (Cork), 13.0% abv
A classic that doesn't disappoint. The product of careful work on 40-year-old vineyards under sustainable viticulture and harvested by hand. Aromas of dried red fruit (cherries, cranberries) and raspberry jam.Supple texture and mild acidity.
£16.95 at Fields, Morris & Verdin - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Château Mérande Arbin Mondeuse La Belle Romaine 2015 - 89 pts

Arbin, Savoie, France, Dry Red (Cork), 12.0% abv
Summer also requires a companion for intense and spicy charcuterie. Look no further than this savoury, slightly herbal and fresh ‘La belle Romaine’.
Grainy texture and tannins. Medium finish with lasting dark fruit aromas.
£17.00 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Pierre Cotton Regnié 2016 - 85 pts

Régnié, Beaujolais, France, Dry Red (Cork), 12.0% abv
This is just the red wine you need on a long summer afternoon.
Serve slightly chilled to fully enjoy its earthy acidity. A full but fresh mouthful of crushed red fruit. Good concentration paired with lightness.
No sulphites added for a mild(er) hangover.
The product of 80-year-old vines worked organically.
£16.90 at Kiffe My Wines - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Magula Carboniq 2017 - 90 pts

Suchá nad Parnou, Trnava, Slovakia, Red (Cork), 10.0% abv
You’ve guessed it: Carboniq is, inspired by the wines of Beaujoulais, fully vinifed through carbonic maceration. 
Like a good Bojo - and at just 10% ABV - it is a true vin de soif to drink slightly chilled with friends. 
Aromas of red cherry, wild strawberries and crunchy cranberries. The perfect lightness and acidity. 
Also (especially!) perfect when everyone eventually gets hungry and you order that pizza!
£15.90 at Basket Press Wines - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)

Petr Koráb Neronet 2015 - 89 pts

Boleradice, Moravia, Czech Republic, Red (Cork), 13.0% abv
An unexpected blend of Blau Portugieser, Saint Laurent and Ali Bernet (which is in fact a crossing between Cab Sauvignon x Alicante Bouschet). 
Very idiosyncratic with dark cherry and blackberry aromas underpinned by earthy acidity. 
Its green tannins might seem aggressive for some but will please those who pair this wine with some braised meats and/or spicy tapas.
£15.10 at Basket Press Wines - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)


Bodegas Alonso Velo Flor Manzanilla - 95pts

Sanlucar de Barrameda, Andalucia, Spain, Fortified (Screwcap), 15.0% abv
On certain days nothing hits the spot like a proper Fino, with all its salinity and intensity.
For an example full of character and structure go for this hand bottled Manzanilla.
It is as rich as it is pure and has an incredible length.
£24.00 at The Wine Society - Reviewed July 2018 (IS)