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Holy Vale, England's Most Southerly Vineyard

Anthony Rose

Earlier this summer, I was invited to taste the first ever bottling of Scillonian wine from England’s most southerly vineyards. The first vintage of Robert Francis’s Holy Vale wines grown and made on the Isles of Scilly was to be bottled by the Austrian sweet wine meister Willi Opitz.

Is £2k per bottle too much?

Tom Cannavan

Like a Romanée-Conti from Burgundy, or Le Pin from Pomerol, there will be all sorts of reasons why people will buy the wines, from investment potential to sheer ostentatious one-upmanship.

Tales of the underrated: Chenin Blanc

Joanna Simon

It was drinking an Anjou Blanc with English asparagus a couple of months ago – Château de Fesles La Chapelle 2011, since you ask – that reminded me what an underrated grape variety Chenin Blanc is.

The new tasting technique

Jane Parkinson

Back in the summer a friend introduced me to a new tasting technique. This friend, let’s call him Pete for argument’s sake, has been in the trade for several years but began studying for the Master of Wine last year and since then has been conscientiously attending various courses and tutorials offered by the wine cognoscenti of London.

The Heritage Business

Anthony Rose

The Champagne hillsides, houses and cellars and the climats of Burgundy now join over 1000 sites around the globe on a World Heritage list that includes the Australian Convict Sites, Auschwitz, Robben Island and the Archaeological Ensemble of the Bend of the Boyne.

Can Chile Achieve Greatness?

Tom Cannavan

Too long regarded as good value, reliable but unexciting, can the refining of Chile's terroirs, and more rigorous attempts to match specific grape varieties to specific soils, lead on to greatness in the future?

Great Taste Awards

Jane Parkinson

The term ‘foodie’ feels a bit 2010 these days doesn’t it? But I still can’t think of anything more appropriate so forgive me, I’m going to run with it here…

After the Flood

Anthony Rose

I was intrigued to see that in his 2005s retrospective Robert Parker, the influential American critic, revised the original rating in which he gave only two clarets, Ausone and L’Eglise Clinet, 100 points, handing 100 point scores to another 10 châteaux.

Secret Burgundy

Joanna Simon

The secret vineyard. No, sorry, I don’t know where it is, but I do know broadly what’s in it: 600 Pinot Noir and 300 Chardonnay vines, selected by 40 top domaines from their old vineyards.

French exchange

David Williams

Le Taillevent is the kind of immaculate fine-dining restaurant that couldn’t be anywhere else but Paris. The service, the décor, the geometrically precise dishes … everything about it is so very chic.